Will the incredibly hyped UFC 251: Usman vs. Masvidal event taking place on "Fight Island" be everything we dreamed of? Well, Probably not...

Dubbed "Fight Island" UFC's head honcho Dana White , is not usually quiet about events with as much excitement surrounding them such as UFC 251: Usman vs. Masvidal before, with fans egarly awaiting confirmation over where the fights will actually take place, the questions on everyones lips may be harder to answer than you think.

Take your mind back to March, the pandemic hits and contact sports are canned for the foreseeable future. To make matters worse, the United States halted all inbound non citizen flights, which meant even if UFC boss Dana White could work around the pandemic itself, it meant only having the ability to host fights featuring members of the roster that were already in the US.

This is the moment fight island becomes an idea. White goes on to hint that he had secured a fight for international UFC events.

Will Joe Rogan be calling Fight Island?

Fans are still asking "Who will be commentating UFC 251: Usman vs. Masividal"

We all love Joe Rogan, which is why fans are asking. Will the veteran UFC commentator attend a historic "Fight Island" event?

Well - that's not exactly clear, yet. UFC's social media team have been dropping hints regarding the final production team, we can take a look at the UFC's Where's Waldo-esque poster shared first by @UFC on twitter. If you squint really hard, you can barely make out the three figures in what seems to be the commentary box.

Former UFC Champion Michael Bisping, joining him is long running Play by Play commentator Jon Anik and the Irish Dragon himself, Paul Fielder.

No official word on Joe Rogan, though we can assume its a lost cause as Joe hasn't left the States for a UFC event since prior to the ESPN deal.

Tropical beach or indoor arena?

"Imagine this, two warriors battling as the sun peaks out from the horizon, [the sun]'s rays just reaching across the octagon at the beginning of the fifth round. It would be perfect" - dec.zone

Factoring for time difference, could we see a fight during the beautiful Abu Dhabian sunrise?  That's tough question to answer.  

Going purely off hints from the UFC team, you could be forgiven for assuming its all going to take place on a picturesque beach; this  still could happen, but with 80% humidity on Yas Island; where the UFC plan to host the first event of the "Fight Island" saga. Even a good day will bring difficulties with outdoor action.

According to John Morgan, UFC 251 will be taking place in the newly erected "Flash Forum" which finished construction specifically for UFC President Dana White's tropical fantasy.